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School Day

Visit us for an educational experience like none other!

This year's School Education Day takes place on Friday, October 13th! 


- All advanced ticket sales for schools will be available for purchase through, or by clicking here!

- Schools bringing 20 or more people can purchase advanced discounted tickets for children and adults alike for $5.00 each using the all new "EDUCATION DAY BULK" ticket option. 

- Advanced tickets will be available for purchase through 11:30 PM EDST, October 12th. 

- Tickets must be printed and given at the gate, and all members of the group must be present together at the time of entry at the gate. 

-Non refundable. Event is rain or shine.

Important information for our School Day:


Mississinewa 1812 is a living history event. Our reenactors are there to answer questions and demonstrate life as it was during the year of 1812. Educational demonstrations take place throughout the day in different areas. Students are encouraged to ask questions.




If bringing sack lunches, please have them stored together in boxes or coolers with your school’s information on them. They will be collected at the bus parking lot and taken to the Dance Tent where students can then retrieve them for lunch.




There is a school bus parking lot for schools with buses. Regular vehicles will need to park in our regular parking areas.


Tickets and Entrance:


Please have students remain on buses until they are told to unload. Teachers will need to present the Tickets to the main gate for entry. Have students take coolers or boxes to the food unloading area to be collected and taken to the Dance Tent. Make sure to have students or chaperones pick up a program and map when entering the main gate.


Do’s and Don’ts for Mississinewa 1812:


All the encampments are participants’ own private tents and wigwams. Please do not enter the campsite, tents or wigwams without permission. Please do not touch or take anything from participant encampments including hedge apples and other items found in nature. Please do ask questions and look at the items set up and displayed in the encampments.


Please do leave nature as you found it and not disturb the land. Please do not toss things into the river or damage trees or move rocks or wood. Please do pick up all trash and use the trash bins to throw away all trash. Please do not liter the site.


Please do have all students supervised and follow the safety guidelines and rules. Please do not allow students to roam free or show disrespect to any participant of Mississinewa 1812.


Thank you for choosing to attend Mississinewa 1812 this year. We are looking forward to your arrival! We hope you enjoy our event and join us again in the future.

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